Karagattam கரகாட்டம்

Karagattam, a folk dance, is derived from Bharatham and a combination of other Tamil dance forms. The meaning of  “Karakam ” is water pot and “attam” means dance. This dance is performed in praise of goddess of rain “Mariamman” and the river goddess “Gangaiamman”. There are two types of Karakams: Aatta Karakam and Sakthi Karakam. Aatta Karakam represents happiness and celebration and mostly for recreational purposes. Sakthi Karakam performed only in temples as a spiritual offering. The dancers balance the decorated pot on their head. It consists of three levels of variously colored flower arrangements placed on top of a container that is completely filled with either water, rice, or soil. Its performances are known for their enthusiastic movements and numerous swaying gestures using Bharatham postures and mudras.


STAR provides the opportunity for women in the US to connect with artists in Tamilnadu, learn and perform the original art form. The Karagattam artists perform in several cultural festivals spreading the interest and awareness of the art form thus propagating the Tamil culture. Karagattam is also taught to young girls to pass down the tradition to upcoming generations.

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