Silambam சிலம்பம்

Silambam is an ancient martial art, a rich cultural tradition that has been passed down through generations in southern India. With roots dating back over 2000 years, Silambam has been an important part of the Tamil community for centuries, promoting physical and mental wellness as well as cultural heritage.


The word Silambam comes from the Tamil words “silam” meaning hill and “ambam” meaning stick, referring to the use of a bamboo staff as a weapon in the art. The stick being the first weapon used by man there is also archaeological evidence about the use of more than 32 objects. Silambam is a dynamic and fluid martial art that utilizes both strikes and grappling techniques.


Silambam is also deeply intertwined with the cultural and spiritual heritage of Tamil Nadu. It has been incorporated into temple ceremonies and folk dances. It continues to thrive as a living martial art well-cherished and respected by the Tamil community. To practice Silambam is to be a part of a rich and ancient cultural tradition.


Silambam is much more than just physical combat, it also emphasizes the development of mental discipline, focus, concentration, and aims to cultivate the practitioner’s inner strength and character. But beyond the physical techniques, Silambam encourages practitioners to cultivate a sense of respect, compassion, and inner peace thus promoting physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


One of STAR’s main goals is to provide access to Silambam education and training to people of all ages and backgrounds. It offers classes taught by experienced Silambam instructors, providing the opportunity to learn and practice the art in a supportive and inclusive environment. STAR also plays an important role in promoting Silambam through community events and cultural festivals, showcasing the dynamic and fluid movements to the public and raising awareness about the art and its cultural significance. STAR collaborates with other organizations and institutions to promote and help keep the art alive and thriving for future generations.


A highlight of STAR’s work is to provide resources and support for Silambam practitioners and their families in India. STAR also works to connect Silambam practitioners and instructors from around the world, fostering a sense of community and collaboration within the Silambam community.


STAR’s mission is to preserve and promote Silambam as a living martial art and cultural tradition. STAR is ensuring that the rich cultural heritage of Silambam will continue to be passed down and celebrated for generations to come.

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